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Best feb ever

Super Bowl LII & Winter Olympics

NBC Sports


How do you describe it when the Winter Olympics and the Super Bowl, the two most iconic events in the world, occur in the same month? It’s the Best Feb Ever - a happening so rare it’s like the total solar eclipse of sports, and the message needed to get out that it was only happening on NBC Sports.


With events of this scale, it’s either go big or go home. In four cities simultaneously, live surprise boxes opened daily to reveal special guests and A-list artists. The buzz was amplified on site with major giveaways and prizing, and through the media with media boxes.


It’s no surprise that big-time events led to big-time results. Over 10,000 people participated live, with nearly 70,000,000 impressions made through earned media. Social media took notice too, amplifying the buzz and driving excitement leading up to the broadcasts.

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