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Triple play

Play Ball Park at All-Star



All-Star Week is one of the most anticipated events of the baseball season, and with the evolution of Fan Fest into Play Ball Park, Major League Baseball wanted to add some new and innovative fan experiences. The goal was to tap into baseball fandom in ways that engaged non-fans while also rewarding diehards with new experiences that bring them closer to the game they love.


The result was the new “Triple Play” area and consisted of three unique and interactive activities - Bouncy Home, The House of Cards, and Home Run Robber. Bouncy Home celebrated one of the most dramatic moments in baseball, the walk-off home run, with a giant-sized bouncy home plate. The House of Cards, built with 750,000 baseball cards, envisioned the ultimate baseball fan’s home. And Home Run Robber turned a velcro wall into a unique and fun twist on another of baseball's most exciting plays.


Triple Play was the fan favorite of Play Ball Park, consistently at full capacity from open to close each day. The media loved it as well, with over a dozen outlets covering the action with most returning to do multiple segments.

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