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Arizona Food Bank Deliveries

Partnership with ICM Food Bank

U.S. Bank


In early 2020 U.S. Bank deployed their “Made in Arizona” food truck which supported the marketing of their mobile app and featured their local small business restaurant partners through the distribution of free eats and treats. With the escalation of COVID-19 in the US, the truck tour went dark and U.S. Bank began brainstorming how they could use their resources to help people in need during a global crisis.


Throughout the month of May, the “Made in Arizona” truck traveled the Phoenix area delivering food from the ICM Food & Clothing Bank to people in need.


The ICM program distributes 200,000 pounds of food a month to 120 families and is able to feed 400 individuals a day. During May of 2020, when resources were slim, U.S. Bank was able to provide their truck and driver to ICM in order to make sure those families were able to continue receiving what they needed.

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